Dos Pharmacy

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! We have a reship policy if the mistake isn't your own, as if address or name has been written incorrectly by the customer. If you don't accept your package while it's shipped out for you and postal service choose to "send it back", it will be lost. In that case, the mistake is yours as well. Also if FAQ (address change) has not been followed by customer, we will not replace it. For orders stopped at customs and seized, we'll reship these quickly, if you simply send us a copy of the letter quickly as well, to the email address mentioned in the shipping confirmation email. Please write us a ticket soon after you've done that and make sure, subject title in your email, is your order ID. If there's no letter and if package may have issues from postal side, we'll reship without any seizure letter being shown. However we do not reship the packages before 31 days (50+ days during COVID-19 outbreak for some orders). AFTER 31 days we expect customers to write us a ticket and start the reshipping process. Please note, we do not offer refunds, we offer reships if pack is lost/seized. Note, we don't reship before customers have read this and done exactly as requested below: 1) MAKE IT CLEAR in your order ticket, that you have read and agree with our terms. That you will pay us for the reship package, if you end receiving the original package. 2) Confirm which products you're requesting to be reshipped, or what tracking number (copy/paste them) 3) Provide shipping name and NEW address (new address is not needed, if we're reshipping without a seizure letter being received). We recommend confirming it, or we might just use the default address. Remember to do all 3 steps above. Not doing it means that you have not read the terms. *NO RESHIPPING* Certain countries are excluded when it comes to our reship policy. These countries will not receive reshipping. Australia, Canada, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore and Sweden. *During pandemics and other world situations, there can be delays with flights being cancelled, swamped post offices etc. During such times, we do not reship after 31 days of package not being received, as it can take longer to receive orders in such situations. Please be patient. We will take care eventually, according to the rest of the policy. *COVID-19/CORONA VIRUS POLICY* During the current outbreak, we will reship orders after 65 days of shipping, as sometimes delays can happen and orders arrive within that time frame. We reship for every undeliverable order. Remember, we only send free returns once, our liability ends if your package is not re-delivered.