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Website Membership Agreement



This Membership Agreement; DosPharmacy, who owns all the rights of the site operating under the domain name, is the user who is a member of the site (hereinafter referred to as "DosPharmacy"). ") ("Hereinafter", "Member"), in order to determine the conditions for the Member to benefit from the services offered on the website; will be referred to as.




specified in this contract;


2.1. SITE: It is the website that consists of domain name and sub-domains connected to this domain name, can be accessed online, and various services and content are offered within the framework determined by DosPharmacy.




2.3. MEMBER: Real and legal persons whose membership has been approved by dos-pharmacy and who want to benefit from Dos-pharmacy for the purpose of purchasing products, works, goods and services by completely filling out the membership form they have chosen. Individuals over the age of 18 can become a member by completely filling out the relevant membership form on the Site. “Member name” is unique to the member and the same “Member name” cannot be given to two different Members.


2.4. USER: It is the person who visits the site with or without shopping.


2.5. CONTENT: All kinds of information, files, pictures, programs, figures, prices, etc. published or accessible on the Site and / or any website. visual, literary and auditory images.


2.6. PERSONAL DATA: Your personal data will never be shared with a third party.


2.7. SERVICES: Refers to the practices put forward by DosPharmacy for the Members to perform the work and transactions defined in this Membership Agreement.



3.1. The subject of this Membership Agreement is the determination of the Services offered on the Site, the terms of benefiting from these Services and the rights and obligations of the parties. All statements such as warnings, notifications, applications and explanations made by DosPharmacy regarding use, membership and Services within the Site are within the scope of the Membership Agreement. By accepting the provisions of this Membership Agreement, the User agrees and undertakes to comply with any statement made by DosPharmacy regarding the use, membership and services on the Site.




4.1. In order to gain membership status, the user who wants to become a member must approve this Membership Agreement, fill in the information requested here with correct and up-to-date information, and the Membership application must be evaluated and approved by DosPharmacy. The user who wants to become a member must be over 18 (eighteen) years old. Membership status begins with the completion of the approval process and notification to the Member, and thus the Member attains the rights and obligations specified in this Membership Agreement. The Member, who does not provide accurate and up-to-date information while filling out the said Membership Agreement, is personally responsible for any damages that may arise due to this.


4.2. DosPharmacy, at any time without giving any reason, any notice, compensation, penalty, etc. may terminate this Membership Agreement unilaterally without paying, terminate or temporarily suspend the Member's membership with immediate effect and without any other obligation. Violation of the rules specified on the Site, cases where the Member poses a risk in terms of DosPharmacy information security system, termination of membership or temporary suspension of membership.



5.1. The Member accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she understands and approves the provisions of this “Membership Agreement” and all the terms and rules on the Site. The Member agrees to abide by the rules while using the services specified on the Site.


5.2. DosPharmacy undertakes that it will not share the confidential/private/personal data-private personal data/commercial information of the Members with any institution or person.


5.3. It is the Members' own responsibility to ensure the security of the "username" and "password" they use to access their Membership accounts on the Site; they must use it exclusively and individually and keep it from third parties. The Member is responsible for any material and/or moral damages incurred or to be incurred by other Members and/or DosPharmacy and/or third parties due to their negligence or faults in this regard.


5.4. The Member cannot transfer this Membership Agreement or its rights and obligations under this Membership Agreement, in whole or in part, to any third party without the written consent of DosPharmacy.


5.5. This Site is owned by DosPharmacy. Programs, page layout and presentation of the Site by DosPharmacy or organizations authorized by DosPharmacy and license for the protection of information, texts, pictures, brands, slogans and other signs and other industrial and intellectual property rights on this Site . it is in your hand. Any database, website, html code, software-codes and other codes etc. related to the information on this Site or Site pages. Partial or complete copying, modification, publication, sending, distribution, sale of products, designs, pictures, texts, visual, audio and other copies, video clips, files, catalogs and lists contained in the site content, media over the internet or using other means. it is forbidden. The User and the Member shall not reproduce, copy, distribute, process the software, hardware and content of the Site listed above, including but not limited to these, shall not compete with DosPharmacy directly and/or indirectly; these actions or by other means.



6.1. In the event that the Member acts partially or completely against any or all of its obligations arising from this Membership Agreement, DosPharmacy may unilaterally terminate this Agreement, cancel the Member's membership and partially without any notice and reason. or completely freeze or cancel. has or will receive. Therefore, in the event of termination, the Member cannot make any rights or claims from DosPharmacy. The member cannot object to this situation.




7.1 DosPharmacy may use the information transmitted to it by Users and Members through the Site in accordance with the provisions of the "Privacy Policy" and "Web Site Terms of Use" on the Site.



8.1. In all cases deemed force majeure by law, DosPharmacy is not responsible for late or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of its acts determined by this Membership Agreement. These and similar situations will not be deemed as delay, incomplete performance or non-performance or default for DosPharmacy or compensation under any name will not be claimed from DosPharmacy for these situations. The term force majeure; including but not limited to natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, system improvement or renewal works and the failures that may result from them, power outages and bad weather conditions and beyond the reasonable control of the related party; and will be interpreted as inevitable events that DosPharmacy could not prevent despite due diligence.