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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We sell popular brands worldwide, available directly from the pharmacy. It is safe to buy from us. We offer you authorized anabolic steroid drugs and other drugs directly from the original manufacturer. Our products tend to be undeniably special. We recommend that you place your first order, check our original products and make sure that we do not sell fakes. You can also check the pharmacy products at

Standard delivery time is 7-14 days for European countries and 7-35 days for worldwide shipping (There may be delays of up to 60 days due to US postal service.). The order will be shipped within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) of payment confirmation. If there are delays in delivery, please be understanding and patient.

Our customers can order any amount they want. We do not impose any restrictions on the purchase you want to make. Our aim is to provide you with the best and reliable service.

If you want to purchase from us using your Credit Card, please contact our customer support team. We will try to offer you alternative payment options.

We try to provide safe shipping methods. We do not write the company name or any other content related to the pharmacy medicine on the package. For security reasons, we use it to change the shipping way regularly. The orders we ship are small, so ignore any unsolicited questions. If the purchase is large, we cannot ship at one cost and you may have to pay the postage of other packages. If the boxes are suitable for the order, we use more than one, we try to protect the environment. We pack the packages securely so that they are safe for you.

We care about our own security system, we ship the order as safe as we can. In case the order is grabbed by the customs, you should send us all the particular impound notice coming via customs or perhaps FDA so we could ship the order at no charge for you personally. The client must check the particular impound correspondence and deliver to this address We are able to send an additional order just once.

We ship by Registered Regular Airmail so that the package can be tracked, and for security reasons, you are required (but not required) to sign it when it arrives.If the package is small, they will deliver it to your mail without signing.

When you order from us, the payment system will appear automatically. When you have paid the money, send the payment link back to us on your own page. Except for the weekend, orders are shipped within 1 day. Delivery may be delayed for 30 days due to incorrect delivery by customs or post. If your order has not arrived on time, you must write to us so that we can process another order for you free of charge. Every order you make will be processed very quickly and will be active within 24 hours at the latest.

Yes, we share tracking numbers with you. This is how you can control the tracking of your package. After the payment is confirmed, we send you the tracking numbers within 24 hours.

To verify this, you need to use one of the websites that allow you to check the number.

Semi-shipped is the status of the order that is divided into two or more packages, that are in the process to be packed. The packages will be shipped with a delay one from another so the arrival date will be a couple of days later.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! We have a reshipment policy if the error is not yours, such as the address or name is misspelled by the customer. If you don\'t pick up your package on its way out for you and the postal service chooses the \"send back\" option, your package will be lost. In this case, it\'s your fault. Also, if the FAQ (address change) has not been tracked by the customer, we will not change it. For orders that are stopped and confiscated at customs, we will resend them quickly if you also quickly send a copy of the letter to the email address specified in the shipping confirmation email. Please write us a ticket immediately after doing this and make sure the subject in your email is your order ID. If there is no letter and the package may have problems by the post, we will resend it without showing any confiscation letter. But we do not resend packages before 60 days. AFTER 60 days, we expect customers to write us a ticket and start the shipping process again. Please note that we do not offer refunds, we offer resend in case the package is lost/seizure. Remember, we do not resend customers unless they have read this and do exactly what is requested below: 1) CLEARLY INDICATE on your order ticket that you have read and accepted our terms. If you finish receiving the original package, you will pay us for the reshipped package. 2) Confirm (copy/paste) which items you are requesting reshipping or which tracking number 3) Provide shipping name and NEW address (new address is not required if we are reshipping without a letter of seizure). We recommend that you confirm or we can only use the default address. Don\'t forget to do all 3 steps above. Failure to do so means you have not read the terms. *NO RE-SHIPMENT* Certain countries are excluded as far as our re-shipment policy is concerned. These countries will not receive reshipments. Australia, Canada. Our return policy applies to all other EU countries. * In pandemic and other world situations, cancellation of flights, full post offices, etc. There may be delays for reasons. We will not reship if the package is not received within 60 days as orders may take longer to receive in such cases. . Please be patient. According to the rest of the policy we will deal with it eventually. . We resend every undeliverable order. Remember, we only send free returns once, our liability ends if your package is not re-delivered.

We accept Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, USDT (let us know if you want to pay with a different crypto). You can pay $1000 or more with Western Union and MoneyGram payments.

No matter the size of your order or the location of delivery, your order will be sent by the price of $35 for the shipment.